Introduction of Human-simulated Silica Gel

2021/3/30 10:03:29

Simulated human silica gel is a kind of additive silica gel, that is, environmental-friendly nontoxic silica gel, which is also called simulated human silica gel and solid silica gel. Because the color is simulated human skin color, it is also called flesh-colored silica gel; Human model silica gel is composed of a and b flowable liquid silica gel, which can be cured at room temperature or heated quickly; The product is colorless or skin-colored colloidal liquid, which becomes a soft elastic material after vulcanization, and has the advantages of soft touch, no deformation and durability.

Use of artificial silica gel:
The artificial silicone rubber can be mainly used for simulating human body models, artificial limbs, masks, modeling, body shapes, silicone adult products, artificial silicone artificial breasts, chest pads, shoulder pads, anti-skid pads and other flexible silicone rubber products.


Characteristics of simulated human silica gel:
1. The manufactured silica gel products are washable.
2. Food grade, non-toxic and tasteless, and passed FDA food grade certification.
3. Soft touch, no deformation, good resilience, high tensile and tear resistance, aging resistance, and many times of mold turnover.
4. It has physiological inertia, good air permeability and low linear shrinkage (≤0.1%).
5. Convenient operation and easy perfusion; It can be cured at room temperature or heated.
6. It is not limited by the thickness of the product, and can be used for a long time at the temperature range of -65℃-200℃ and keep its soft and elastic properties.


Precautions for artificial silicone:
1. Because the addition molding adhesive is easy to react, clean everything that has used condensation type adhesive when using addition molding adhesive, so as to avoid reaction.
2. Before testing, do not add color or powder to the additive molding adhesive, so as not to cause the adhesive to react with catalyst and not solidify.
3. When A and B compound materials are mixed, the ingredients should be prepared strictly according to the proportioning requirements, and if the proportioning is inaccurate, the hardness will change.
4. This product is a platinum catalyst. Other organic substances containing sulfur, phosphorus and nitrogen, such as water, impurities, organic tin catalyst, acid and alkali, can affect the curing of glue, and these substances cannot be mixed or contacted when using.


Skin engineering

We can provide a variety of robot skins and headgear for medical teaching aids, equipment and artificial intelligence

Realistic mask

The simulation degree of the silicone simulation mask has reached more than 95%, it is durable, and the raw material is environmentally friendly and has no peculiar smell

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